No extra UV – Wont make you more visible in the bush.

No odor – No chemicals, means no smell.

OKEO-TEXTCertified – Safe for all ages
Non Toxic – No nasty chemicals or harmful addatives
No Silicone & No Teflon – Will not sit on fabric or discolor.

Aqua Shield fabric and textile spray is an innovative fibre protection product that will protect almost all types of textiles against water, dirt and stains, whilst remaining totally invisible. It can be used on suede and leather as well as wool, cotton, synthetics and silk. It will not affect the materials appearance, it’s ability to breathe, it’s colour or feel and it’s easy to use.
Nanotechnology is a key theme for this century and nano based products are the biggest industrial revolution in the past 20 years.
When Aqua Shield is applied to fabric of almost any type, it surrounds every fibre with a matrix network of nanoparticles of plastic that are extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic. This means they repel both liquids and contaminants. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the surface and can be easily shaken off or soaked up using a paper towel or similar. The liquids will not soak into the material, eliminating any potential staining.
The solid connection with the material enables an excellent abrasion and washing machine resistance, meaning that when applied to clothing the effect remains effective for up to 6 months of normal regular washing. On non washable the effects will remain for up to 2 years.
Aqua Shield is based on nano particles which have only recently been engineered to mimic natures lotus leaf water repellence. The treated fabric and fibres become super hydrophobic (water repelling), not allowing liquids to permeate into the treated material and cause staining. 
Aqua Shield is alcohol free, water based and accredited with an Eco Passport from Okeo-Tex. Additionally it has food safe certification and is also bacterial static. 
The properties of the fabric spray are inspired by the Lotus leaf which is found in nature. The leaves have nano-sized hairs that repel molecules of water resulting in droplet formation.  Environment protection enthusiasts will be quite elated to know that Aqua Shield Fabric Spray is water based, and is thus environmentally friendly. 
It can’t get much safer than that!

Product Characteristics:

Extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic (repels water and contaminants)
Prevents stains
Totally invisible
UV stable (ie will help prevent discolouration due to sunlight)
Maintains the look, feel and characteristics of the material
Non allergenic
Environmentally friendly
Washing agent resistant.
Examples of use:
Wet weather clothes, hiking clothes, ski or snowboarding clothes
All types of clothing and footwear, especially outdoor wear
Canvas umbrellas, marquees, awnings and shades
Pet coats and bedding
Car seat protection
Uniform protection and waterproofing
Convertible car roofs.


Indoor upholstery such as sofas, chairs, table cloths and bedding
Outdoor furniture
For clothing, we recommend that the article to be worn be washed first and then ALL traces of washing powder and/or fabric softener be removed by rewashing in WATER ONLY.
For other applications, vacuum and clean the fabric or leather surfaces to be coated to ensure loose dirt and fibres are removed prior to using Aqua Shield.
Shake bottle
Spray from a distance of about 15cm ensuring there is complete coverage and that the entire area to be treated feels damp.
If you are not certain the complete area has been treated, you can reapply the spray giving it another full coating.
Using gloves you can gently wipe over the treated area to ensure even coverage (Rubber gloves are recommended as the spray will not absorb into the gloves meaning the excess spray on the gloves is being transferred back onto to the treated fabric).
If Spraying on leather, use a soft microfibre cloth to rub in evenly.
If applying to furniture, we recommend agitating the coating with a soft bristle brush after application and reapply if the fabric is very absorbent.
For application on carpet, we recommend a wet-on-wet application (ie two coatings) with some gentle agitation using a soft bristle brush to work in the coating between each spray.
Consumption will vary depending on the absorbency of the material, however expected usage is between 60 and 80mL/m2
Allow to dry untouched for 24 hour at room temperature before use.
Cleaning and Maintenance of Coated Surfaces:
With Aqua Shield there is no need for additional cleaning or maintenance. Coated surfaces become strongly hydrophobic and oleophobic; that is, they repel both water and contaminants. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the surface and can easily be soaked up with paper towel. To completely remove marks, gently dab with a damp cloth. DO NOT FORCEFULLY RUB as this may lead to permanent stains.
Recommendations for reapplication:
Items such as clothing that are washed regularly will remain washing agent resistant for up to 10 washes or 6 months (material dependant) before reapplication may be required.
Important information to remember:
For spills DO NOT scrub the fabric, soak up spills with paper towel as detailed earlier.
Ensure area to be treated is completely clean and free of any washing powder residue prior to application.
Leave area to be treated for a full 24 hours before use.
Storage life is 2 years in cool conditions for unopened bottles.
For open Bottles – Storage is 12 months in cool conditions.
Recommended storage and transport temperature: +3 to +30 degrees Celsius.
Safety information:
Store in a sealed container and keep away from children.
In the event of eye contact, wash out immediately with water.
Do not swallow. Seek medical advice if necessary.
Interesting facts:
Less washing powder is needed when washing fabrics and textiles that are treated with Aqua Shield because the dirt and contaminants are sitting on top of the layer formed by the Aqua Shield rather than in the fibres.
For those of you like us that spend the majority of your time outdoors whether rain, hail or shine we recommend treating your clothing outfit from top to bottom (caps, hats, t shirts, jumpers, jackets, pants, shoes). Aqua Shield will prevent water from absorbing into the fibres which will keep you dryer and more comfortable while you are outside doing the things you have to do!
Thinking of getting a new puppy? Struggling with a fur child that prefers to toilet inside rather than go outside in the cold? Do you have to battle with muddy paws or drool from an excitable pet?
We have the easy solution!! 
Aqua shield, if applied as directed to CLEAN rugs or carpets and left to dry for 24 hours (keep the dogs well away for that day) will render the rugs completely impermeable to the dogs urine, drool, mud or foot stains for at least a full year!! 
Imagine if as soon as your puppy peed on your favourite rug, cleaning up after them was just as easy as cleaning liquid from a hard surface floor! A few paper towels will absorb the entirety of the mess. EASY! You do not need to scrub the surface AT ALL, just let the paper towel absorb the moisture. No stains left behind and no damage to thew rug.

Upon application of this Fabric Spray on one’s shoes, the nano particles contained within the sealant organise themselves to form an impenetrable layer with the surface of the shoes. This layer possesses impeccable anti adhesion and hydrophobic (water repelling) characteristics. The hydrophobic trait of the surface reinforces the surface tension of water/water based liquids which in effect repels their molecules from the applied surface. This makes the target surface completely non-absorbent.

With this protective layer in place, the diverse range of contaminants/dirt simply cannot adhere to the surface of footwear and any liquids simply run off the surface once they come in contact. Every single fibre of the material being treated is coated by the nano-sized particles contained within the fabric spray. This consequently makes cleaning such surfaces quite easy.

It can be applied on almost every shoe surface that there is including suede, leather, synthetic and fabric without affecting their texture or appearance.

Water or any water-based liquids including the ubiquitous beverages of coffee, tea, and wine as well as other soft drinks (juices and soda) simply slide off the shoe’s surface. Any beads of liquid left on the shoes can then easily be soaked up with paper towel and no stain will be left.

Protection is not only limited to water based substances but is also applicable to fatty or greasy substances too.

Incredibly, a single application of the spray is effectively active for up to 12 months. By any standards, this is quite a lengthy period between applications which is definitely another plus.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm
Bottle Size

125ml, 250ml


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