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  • Switcheroo shooting system
  • Four interchangeable accessories
  • Universal shooting rest
  • Foam covered binocular rest
  • Compact point-and-shoot Camera adapter
  • Hiking compass
  • Three-section, lightweight aluminum leg
  • Rapid-adjust twist locks
  • 29.5″ – 68″ height range
  • Comfortable hiker’s grip

Providing sportsmen with maximum versatility, the Bog-Pod Q-Stik Monopod/Hiking features Bog Pod’s Switcheroo Shooting System. It enables fast and easy switching between accessories using the same platform.

The Bog-Pod Q-Stik Monopod/Hiking Stick comes with a universal shooting rest, a foam covered binocular rest, a compact point-and-shoot camera adapter, and a compass.

Three Section Leg 

The Bog-Pod Q-Stik Monopod/Hiking Stick features a three-section, high-strength, lightweight aluminum leg with matte black finish. Rapid-adjust twist locks loosen or tighten legs with just a couple of turns.

Adjustable Height

For custom setting, the Bog-Pod Q-Stik Monopod/Hiking Stick offers an adjustable height range of 29.5 to 68-inches (not including an accessory or shooting rest). Inch markers on middle leg sections help to quickly reach a set height

Incorporated into the design of the monopod is a hiker’s grip that provides comfortable hand support.

Universal Shooting Rest Accessory

The Bog-Pod Q-Stik Monopod/Hiking Stick comes with a universal shooting rest accessory. Thanks its 360 degree swiveling capability, you can move your gun in any direct to target moving subjects.

The gun rest is rubber covered to prevent damage to gun stocks.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 20 cm


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