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  • 3 section lightweight aluminum legs
  • Rapid-adjust twist locks
  • ABS plastic head and leg connectors
  • 360 degree swiveling universal shooting rest
  • Rubber covering prevents gun stock damage
  • Removable rubber feet
  • Carbide tip for better grip on ice
  • Suitable for sitting or kneeling positions
  • 21″ – 40″ usable height when legs are spread

Hunters who demand unwavering support when they’re in the field, need to look no further than the Bog-PodSB-2 Sportsman’s Bipod. Lightweight and versatile, this modestly priced bipod’s shooting rest holds between 10 to 12 pounds of weight. Suitable for use in both sitting or kneeling positions, this bipod has a usable height of approximately 21 to 40-inches when its legs are spread.

Three Leg Sections

Incorporated into the design of the Bog Pod SB-2 Sportsman’s Bipod are three leg sections to enable maximum customization. Made of lightweight aluminum, the legs can loosen or tighten with just a couple of turns of the rapid-adjust twist locks. Also has removable rubber feet which unscrew to a reveal carbide tip for better grip on ice

ABS Plastic Connectors

Unlike other Bog Pod bipods, the Bog Pod SB-2 Sportsman’s Bipod features  high strength ABS plastic head and leg connectors. This design technique effectively reduces its weight–therefore, it’s not designed for extremely hard field use.

When the legs of the bipod are spread fully out, it is important to make sure not to put any excessive downward pressure on the rest as this could cause damage to the leg connectors.

Universal Shooting Rest 

For unlimited weapons options, the Bog Pod SB-2 Sportsman’s Bipod features a universal shooting rest. Thanks to its 360 degree swiveling capability, you can move your gun in any direct to target moving subjects.

The gun rest’s rubber covering prevents damage to gun stocks.


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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 20 cm


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